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At the core of our team and work with clients is a belief that human connection is vital for our health. At this moment of unprecedented social isolation, we feel that creating experiences of community are essential to our collective resiliency through the coronavirus pandemic.

Adults individual treatments in NYC

Welcome to Rennicke & Associates

NYC Child Psychologist
and Adoption Therapy

Our child psychologist and adoption therapy teams provide treatments for children, teens, and adults, dealing with anxiety, depression, and post-adoption issues.

Whatever your challenges, our experience spans a spectrum of effective, active and collaborative approaches to help you to reach your self at best.

With therapeutic relationships built on openness and transparency, your child psychologist or adoption therapist will create a safe and fertile environment for personal or familial transformation, healing, and repair.

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Upcoming Events

Adoptees Joining Together Group
Adoptees Joining Together Group
Date: March 2 - May 25
Rennicke Associates Shared Grief Group
Upcoming: Shared Grief Group
Date: April 6 - August 24
Therapy for modern life

To support you we offer a range of child psychologist, teen, adult, and adoption therapies and services. As much as eating, sleeping and exercising well, devoting focused time and energy to exploring and improving the understanding of our thoughts, feeling, and relationships, is an essential element of self-care.

Adoptive Families

A continuum of services throughout the adoption process to support your family’s growth.


Individual treatment for adults experiencing a range of mental health concerns.


Individual treatment and parent-child (dyadic) treatment for children and adolescents.


Individual treatment and parent-child (dyadic) treatment for children and adolescents.


Individual treatment for adults experiencing a range of life stressors.

Family Intensive Program

When problems are complex sometimes family life needs to pause to focus its full energy and attention on them.



Adoptees Joining Together Group

UPCOMING: Adoptees Joining Together Group

Date: March 2 - May 25, 2020





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