Rennicke & Associates is a family.

A family bound together by a shared passion to cultivate genuine client relationships and to collaborate in their growth and healing.

Family Intensive Program NYC

As professionals and voracious learners, we're at the leading edge of the latest forms of clinical training and specialized in the application of advanced therapies.  We know the evidence base and push beyond it.

As people, we are free from the dogma of our industry; just every day, transparent, authentic folks who care. We’d like to think we’d be pretty good company over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Our therapists are encouraged to be accessible, compassionate and open to sharing their personal experiences.

We know that empathy and creativity creates a safe, fun and playful environment where clients can explore and discover their true selves.

We don’t shock
We never judge
We are only here to help our clients...
To reach beyond coping mechanisms
To remove negative bias
To see themselves through kind eyes
To rebuild healthy respectful relationships
To reform/deepen their connections and community

And like all good families
...we are radically accepting.

Welcome to the Rennicke & Associates Family

R&A Team

Courtney Rennicke, Ph.D.

Courtney Rennicke, Ph.D.
Dr. Rennicke is a Columbia University trained clinical psychologist specialized in Anxiety, Depression and Bipolar Disorders as well as Post-Adoption Issues and Parent-Child issues.


Elizabeth Studwell, Psy.D.
Elizabeth Studwell, Psy.D.    Elizabeth Studwell, Psy.D.
Dr. Studwell is a trained clinical psychologist with expertise in adoption, attachment-focused family interventions, and adult development.

Caroline B Profile Pic

Carolyn B. Sorkin, Ph.D.
Gaya Kodiyalam, LMSW
Dr. Sorkin is a collaborative clinical psychologist who passionately invests in the growth and healing of her patients. She integrates tangible solution-focused interventions with dynamic relational approaches to help children, adults, and families meet their treatment goals.

Safiya Coles

Safiya Coles, LCSW
Safiya Coles, LCSW
Safiya Coles is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who utilizes methods of
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfullness to help individuals, teens,
children and groups achieve their goals.

Hanna Verhoeven

Hanna Verhoeven, Psy.D.

Dr. Verhoeven is a clinical and school psychologist who takes an integrative theoretical approach, and brings compassion, openness, patience, and flexibility to create a safe, non-judgemental space for people to explore, heal, and grow.

Randy Maldonado, LCSW

Randy Maldonado is a licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience providing trauma-informed services to youth, adults, and families in New York City and serves as a consultant on topics of racial trauma, boundaries, and radical healing.

Gregory Gentile, Psy.D.

Dr. Gentile is a clinical psychologist who emphasizes meaningful interpersonal connections. He integrates cognitive behavioral skills with relational approaches to provide clients with a space for growth, acceptance, and exploration.

Tommie S. Raskin, LCSW, Ph.D.

Dr. Raskin is a clinical psychologist and licensed clinical social worker with a passion for foring genuine therapeutic bonds with the people with whom she works. She takes an integrative approach to create a space that allows for healing, compassion, progress, and renewed belief in the self and others.

Alea Holman, PhD, MPH

Dr. Alea Holman is a clinical and school psychologist whose therapeutic approach honors the unique brilliance of each individual and strives to help clients recognize and embrace their power and humanity.

Margarita De Leon, Office Manager

Margarita is our office manager who received her Master's in Systems Engineering and has helped manage private practices in Southern California.

Cynthia Solis, Intake Coordinator

Cynthia is a Mental Health Counselor with a passion for guiding others starting their therapeutic journey

Roxian Sharpe - Intake Coordinator

Roxsian Sharpe, Billing Coordinator

Roxsian is a graduate of New York University where she studied Psychology with minors in Child and Adolescent Mental Studies and Chemistry.



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