Alea Holman Ph.D.

Dr. Holman is a licensed clinical psychologist, credentialed school psychologist, and adjunct faculty member. Her educational training from UC Berkeley, Columbia University, and Stanford University has prepared her as a scholar-practitioner in support of the emotional well-being of children, adults, and families.

Alea Holman, Ph.D.

Alea Holman, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist
P: (212) 337-3565 Ext. 9

Tuesdays: 10:30am- 8:30am
Wednesday: 8:30am - 7pm
Thursdays: 3pm -7pm

Young Children (< 5)
Children (6-11)
Adolescents (12-18)

"I am committed to a life of learning, healing, and advocacy. My therapeutic work is grounded in building strong relationships, building on people’s strengths, and finding creative ways to increase people’s sense of belongingness."
A. Holman


Dr. Holman’s clinical and scholarly work is guided by her firm belief in equity. She strives to support people in their ability to live safely and healthily, and to enjoy learning about themselves and the world. She specializes in play-, trauma-, and attachment-focused therapy.


  • -    Anxiety and depression across the lifespan
  • -    Children, adults, and families impacted by complex trauma
  • -    Racial and gender socialization in biological and transracial adoptive families
  • -    Children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities
  • -    Child- and adolescent-related stressors, including learning difficulties and identity development
  • -    Parent-child relationship challenges

Complementary to her clinical and academic appointments, Dr. Holman provides trainings for parents and clinicians on topics including how to support healthy racial identities among children and families, and how to best advocate for students with special needs within the school setting.

For example, her training entitled Racial Socialization and Identity Development in Black and Cross-Racial Families examines the challenges that arise for parents when raising Black children in an often unjust and hostile society, as well as the difficulties children may experience when they do not have a family that resembles them. Dr. Holman facilitates clinicians’ exploration of how they can best support parents who toil to keep their children of color emotionally and physically safe. With parent audiences, Dr. Holman engages conversation about the challenges of racial socialization and important considerations in support of healthy identities among parents and their children.

Dr. Holman has experience tailoring these topics to the needs of particular audiences. Please feel free to contact Dr. Holman to bring these topics to your group of clinicians and/or parents.

Alea Holman_speaks at conference


Ph.D. in School Psychology from University of California, Berkeley.
Dr. Holman’s dissertation examined mothers’ experiences of helping their Black and mixed race children develop conceptions of self and others as they learn about race and gender differences.

M.P.H. in Sociomedical Sciences from Columbia University.
With a specialty in Health Promotion
Dr. Holman’s Masters Thesis examined the mental health impact of obesity on adolescents.

B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University.
With a minor in African and African American Studies

Current clinical positions, academic appointments & affiliations

Assistant Professor
In the School Psychology Program within the Division of Psychological and Educational Services in the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University

Neuropsychological Assessment Supervisor
In the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at City College of New York

Therapeutic Assessment Institute
Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) Institute

Recent clinical experience

Adjunct Faculty (2017)
At the School Psychology Master’s Program at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, CA. Course: School Psychology Internship Supervision & Seminar.

Clinical Supervisor (2016-2017)
At the Wright Institute Assessment Services Program in Berkeley, CA, providing individual supervision on integrated psychological assessments.

School Psychologist (2014-2017)
At the California School for the Blind in Fremont, CA, providing individual and group therapy, psychoeducational assessment, teacher and parent consultation, and crisis intervention for students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.

Adjunct Faculty (2014-2017)
At the Psychology Doctoral Program at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, CA. Courses: (1) Psychometrics, (2) Lifespan Development, & (3) Racial Socialization.

Outpatient Psychotherapist & Postdoctoral Resident (2013-2104)
At WestCoast Children’s Clinic in Oakland, CA, providing trauma- and attachment-focused therapy and psychological assessment to children, adolescents, and families in the child welfare system.

School Psychology Intern (2010-2011)
At Vallejo City Unified School District in Vallejo, CA, providing psychoeducational assessments, adolescent psychotherapy, teacher consultation, and parent support.

Clinical Psychology Pre-doctoral Intern (2009-2010)
At Youth and Family Services, Inc. in Vallejo, CA, providing psychological assessments and individual, group, and family psychotherapy.

Advanced Clinical Training

  • -    Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Basics and Beyond with Dr. Lane Pederson.
  • -    Advanced Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Dr. Lane Pederson.
  • -    Art Therapy: 77 Creative Interventions for Challenging Children who Shut Down, Meltdown, or Act Out with Dr. Laura JJ Dessauer.
  • -    Wired Differently: What Every Educator Should Know with Mike Paget.
  • -    Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy with Dr. Daniel A. Hughes.


School psychology and special education law.
Holman, A. (2016-2017). Presented to cohorts of clinicians in training in the School-Based Collaboration Program & the Assessment Services Program at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA.

Assessing and counseling students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities.
Holman, A. (2016). Presented to clinicians in training at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, CA.

Racial socialization and identity development: The role of therapists working with Black and cross-racial families.
Holman, A. (2015-2017). Presented to several cohorts of pre- and post-doctoral residents at WestCoast Children’s Clinic in Oakland, CA.

Family socialization and racial identity development: Negotiating the role of therapists.
Holman, A. (2015). Presented to clinicians working in the jail setting at One Family, Community Works West in San Francisco, CA.

Racial socialization and identity development: Therapists working with Black and cross-racial families.
Holman, A. (2015). Individual paper presented at the 15th Annual Diversity Challenge: “Race, Culture, and Social Justice” at Boston College in Boston, MA.

How to raise a curious child: The importance of play and exploration.
Holman, A. (2015). Workshop presented at the 56th Annual California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Inc. (CTEBVI) Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Catalysts and challenges to gendered racial socialization in Black families.
Holman, A. (2013). Roundtable paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Before the bell rings: Black families’ efforts to support their children’s educational excellence.
Rall, R., & Holman, A. (2013). Roundtable paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Conference in San Francisco, CA.

African-American parents’ experiences with schools: How a community-based program can strengthen family-school relationships.
Holman, A., & Vakil, S. (2013). Roundtable paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Conference in San Francisco, CA.


“He’s More Like a Brother than a Teacher:” Politicized Caring In a Program for African American Males.
McKinney de Royston, M., Vakil, S., Nasir, N. S., ross, k. m., Givens, J., & Holman, A. (2017). Teachers College Record, 119 (4).

Pedagogies of race: Teaching Black male youth to navigate racism in schools.
Nasir, N. S., Holman, A., McKinney de Royston, M., & ross, k. m. (2013). In K. M. Jocson (Ed.), Cultural transformations: Youth and pedagogies of possibility. Harvard Education Press.

Factor structure of child behavior scale scores in Peruvian preschoolers.
Meyer, E. L., Schaefer, B. A., Soto, C. M., Simmons, C. S., Anguiano, R., Brett, J., Holman, A., Martin, J. F., Hata, H. K., Roberts, K. J., Mello, Z. R., & Worrell, F. C. (2011). Psychology in the Schools, 48, 931-942.

What is the relevance of mental health to HIV/AIDS treatment programs in developing countries?
Collins, P., Holman, A., Patel, V., & Freeman, M. (2006). Editorial review. AIDS, 20, 1571-1582.


Psychologist, New York State
School Psychologist, New York State
Psychologist, California
School Psychologist, California



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