Mia Tootill, LMSW, CMT-P

Mia Tootill is an integrative psychotherapist and certified mindfulness teacher who uses compassion, sincerity, and humor to create a safe and encouraging space for growth and change.

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Mia Tootill, LMSW, CMT-P
Licensed Social Worker
P: (212) 337-3565 Ext. 16

Thursday 12PM - 8:30PM
Friday 10AM - 6PM

Teens (13 - 18)
Young Adults (18 - 25)

Client Types - Individual, Families, Couples

"My hope for each new client is that they will begin to see themselves as I view them: as someone who is doing the best they can, deserves compassion, and who has unique and innate strengths waiting to be uncovered."
M. Tootill


I use a creative and strengths-based approach, drawing upon mindfulness, DBT, and relational (AEDP) therapies to help my clients see themselves in a more expansive way and address blocks that are preventing them from reaching their goals. I believe in the power of acceptance and connection, and enjoy being challenged to think outside of the box.


  • -    Anxiety and Depression
  • -    ADHD (Adolescent and Adult)
  • -    Emerging Adulthood
  • -    Career and Life Transitions
  • -    LGBTQIA-related concerns and Parenting
  • -    Social Media and Technology-related issues

Navigating College and Graduate School

Young adulthood is an especially challenging time today and many, understandably, struggle with the high pressure. Mia has been working with this demographic for most of her career, including teaching undergraduates and working to improve student mental health services at Cornell University. She draws upon her insights from working at a variety of institutions to offer tailored off-campus services to students, whether they need help managing mental health challenges while in college, assistance preparing to return after a leave-of-absence, support transitioning into the workforce post-graduation, or aid with the diverse challenges graduate students encounter.

Studies have shown that students are more likely to thrive in college if there is a greater focus on emotional preparation during high school. Mia works with juniors and seniors to cope ahead for whatever challenges may arise, and assists parents with navigating the balance of encouraging independence while offering appropriate continued support of their emerging young adult.

Rennicke DDP workshops


Master of Social Work (MSW)
New York University, New York

Ph.D. in Musicology
Cornell University

B.Mus. (Hons) in Clarinet Performance
Trinity College of Music

Current Clinical Positions, Academic Appointments, & Affiliations

Staff Psychotherapist at the Larchmont Mamaroneck Community Counseling Center
A non-profit organization that provides sliding-scale services to young people, adults, and families in the local community. View site

Advanced Clinical Training

Certified Mindfulness Teacher - Professional (CMT-P)
200-hour training from The Interdependence Project, NYC; certified by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.
Further study with teachers including Sharon Salzberg and Tara Brach, Ph.D.

Safe & Sound Protocol Provider Training
Integrated Listening Systems, developed by Stephen Porges, Ph.D.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Training
with Emily Cooney, Ph.D. (Behavioral Tech) and at LMCCC

Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory
with Deb Dana, LCSW (Psychotherapy Networker Symposium)

Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT)
with Wendy Heckert, Ed.D. (Stanford-developed training)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
with Jon Aaron at the New York Insight Meditation Center

Interpersonal Mindfulness (Insight Dialogue)
with Elaine Retholtz at the New York Insight Meditation Center

Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness
with David Treleaven, Ph.D.

Recent Clinical Experience

Clinical Intern at the Larchmont Mamaroneck Community Counseling Center
(Two-year position.) Provided weekly psychotherapy to adolescents, young adults, and adults, including family sessions, using a psychodynamic and DBT approach, and also incorporating mindfulness and CBT. Ran support groups for eighth graders at the local middle school and taught a mindfulness-based life skills curriculum to seventh graders. Co-led a suicide prevention initiative and other outreach efforts. Developed and ran a DBT-informed program for rising college freshmen.

Crisis Counselor at the Crisis Text Line

Peer Counselor at EARS, Cornell University


Licensed Master Social Worker in New York State

Professional Affiliations

- International Mindfulness Teachers Association
- National Association of Social Workers



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