Nick Fernandez, MA

Nick Fernandez is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology.

Nick Fernandez, MA

Nick Fernandez, MA
Clinical Psychology Extern
P: (212) 337-3565 Ext. 14

Tuesday 8AM - 11AM
Wednesday 3PM 8PM
Friday 8AM - 8PM


"I work individually with adults. I take an integrative approach to psychotherapy, and work collaboratively with each client to overcome challenges and improve well-being."
N. Fernandez


  • -    Anxiety and Mood Disorders
  • -    Post-Traumatic Stress in Veterans and Civilians
  • -    Professional, Relationship, and Personality Issues
  • -    Mental Health Issues Related to Medical Conditions
  • -    Cultural and Identity Issues
  • -    ADHD and Attention-Related Issues


Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical Psychology at LIU Brooklyn.
His doctoral dissertation research is examining the effects of implementing a social-emotional learning program on high school students’ academic performance and well-being.

M.A. in Psychology from New York University.
His master’s research thesis assessed mental health outcomes among military veterans.

B.A. with Honors in Psychology from Wake Forest University
Minors in Spanish and International Studies.

Current Clinical Positions Academic Appointments & Affiliations

Psychometrician – Clinilabs, Inc.
Psychological assessment for phase II & III clinical research trials.

Advanced Clinical Training

Anchors of Emotional Intelligence (RULER Curriculum)
with Marc Brackett, PhD. Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, New Haven, CT.

Certification in Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy
with Kelly Chrestman, PhD. Center for Deployment Psychology.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Adolescents and Families
with Belinda Bellet, PhD. Brooklyn, NY.

Emotion-Focused Therapy for Families
with George Faller, LMFT. NYU Military Family Clinic, New York, NY.

Emotion-Focused Therapy for Military Couples
with Neil Weissman, PsyD. Manhattan VAMC, New York, NY.

Equine Therapy Program for Veterans
with David Sonatore, LCSW. The Equus Effect, Sharon, CT.

Wim Hof Method of Cold Exposure and Breathing
with Wim Hof. Brooklyn, NY.

Recent Clinical Experience

Clinical Psychology Extern
At the NYU Langone Medical Center Military Family Clinic. Provided weekly individual outpatient psychotherapy to military veterans and family members, using integrative and evidence based treatment modalities (e.g., psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, prolonged exposure treatments). Conducted intake and diagnostic assessments. Co-facilitated weekly group for adult veterans with ADHD.

Clinical Psychology Extern
At Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center. Provided treatment on adult inpatient unit and facilitating weekly art therapy and symptom management groups. Worked at the Yarmon Neurobehavior and Alzheimer’s Disease Center conducting neuropsychological assessments, writing comprehensive reports, and providing psychoeducation and treatment planning.

Clinical Psychology Extern
At the Psychological Services Center at LIU Brooklyn. Conducted intake assessments and provided short and long-term individual therapy to adults. Completed psychological testing batteries and wrote integrated reports.

Clinical Psychology Extern
At Brooklyn Heights Behavioral Associates. Provided dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to adolescents and families in private outpatient setting.

Workshops & Presentations

Future Self Continuity in OEF/OIF Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.
Rahman, N., Hart, R.P., Fernandez, N.G., Kouri, N., Hershfield, H., Bryant, R., Brown, A, Marmar, C. (2015). New Orleans, LA. Presentation by N. Rahman.

Emotion Regulation Strategies and Facial Emotion Recognition. Long Island University Graduate Research Conference.
Fernandez, N.G., Papouchis, N., Cain, N., & Meehan, K. (2015). Brooklyn, NY.

Exaggerated emotion processing and gender-specific habituation deficits in borderline personality disorder. The North American Society for the Study of Personality Disorders.
Blair, N.J., Goodman, M., New, A.S., Fernandez, N.G., & Hazlett, E.A. (2015). Boston, MA. Presentation by E. Hazlett.

A Nonverbal, Quantitative Measure of Emotion Dysregulation in Veterans: Is Affective Startle a Potential Biomarker for Suicide?
Hazlett, E.A., Fernandez, N.G., Sasso, S., New, A.S., & Goodman, M. (2012). International Society for Psychoneuroendocrinology Research Conference. New York, NY.

A Spectrum of Emotion Dysregulation in Bulimia Measured with Affective Startle. Poster presentation at Society for Psychophysiological Research.
Hazlett, E.A., Hildebrandt, T., Fernandez, N.G., Goldstein, K.E., Varangis, E., Loeb, K., Chu, K. (2012). New Orleans, LA. Presentation by E. Hazlett.

Cognitive and Affective Issues Associated with High BMI in Urban Adolescents.
Fernandez, N.G. (2011). Poster Presentation at NYU Graduate Psychology Research Conference. New York, NY.


Startle amplitude during unpleasant pictures is greater in veterans with a history of multiple- suicide attempts and predicts a future suicide attempt.
Hazlett, E. A., Blair, N. J., Fernandez, N., Mascitelli, K., Perez-Rodriguez, M. M., New, A. S., Goetz, R. R. and Goodman, M. (2016).   Psychophysiology. doi: 10.1111/psyp.12698

Gender Differences in Affective Startle Modulation and Emotion Regulation in Borderline Personality Disorder.
Hazlett, E. A., Blair, N. J., Fernandez, N. G., New, A. S., & Goodman, M. (2015).  Psychophysiology, 52, S94.

Greater Affective Startle During Unpleasant Pictures and Emotion Dysregulation in Multiple – Compared to Single – Suicide Attempters and Ideators.
Hazlett, E. A., Blair, N. J., Fernandez, N. G., Mascitelli, K. A., Banthin, D., & Goodman, M. (2014).  Psychophysiology, 51, pp. S21.

Dialectical behavior therapy alters emotion regulation and amygdala activity in patients with borderline personality disorder.
Goodman, M., Carpenter, D., Tang, C.Y., Goldstein, K.E., Avedon, J., Fernandez, N., Mascitelli, K., Blair, N., New, A., Triebwasser, J., Siever, L., Hazlett, E. (2014).   Journal of Psychiatric Research, 57, 108-16.

Larger Startle-Eyeblink Amplitude During Unpleasant Pictures = Greater Severity of Suicidal Behavior: A Promising Endophenotype For RDOC.
Hazlett, E. A., Fernandez, N., Sasso, S., Mascitelli, K. A., New, A. S., & Goodman, M. (2013).   Biological Psychiatry, 73:9, pp. 162S.

A non-verbal, quantitative measure of emotion dysregulation in veterans: is affective startle a potential biomarker for suicide?
Hazlett, E. A., Fernandez, N., Sasso, S., New, A. S., & Goodman, M. (2012).   European Journal of Psychotraumatology, Vol. 3.

Professional Affiliations

American Psychological Association (APA)
New York Neuropsychology Group (NYNG)
New York State Psychological Association (NYSPA)



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