Rennicke & Associates’ Dan Wolfson Interviewed for Experience Camps for Grieving Children

Rennicke & Associates’ Dan Wolfson Interviewed for Experience Camps

For many, growing up is the most difficult of all of life’s tasks. It is an unavoidable journey that requests of its traveller such conflicting virtues as strength and vulnerability, kindness and callousness.

For some, however, this tender time of transition is made even more complicated by the loss of a loved one. After years of working with bereaved youths, Dan Wolfson, Psy.D, knows just this.

While attaining his doctoral degree, Dr. Wolfson focused his studies on the “relationship between self-esteem and social connection among adolescents participating in a therapeutic summer camp for bereaved youth“.

Today, in addition to his work as a clinician, Dan is the Clinical Director of the Experience Camps for Grieving Children: Mid-Atlantic Region, a non-profit summer camp dedicated to offering a safe space for children who have lost loved ones to grieve and come to terms with their loss.

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To see Dan’s take on Experience Camps, watch the video above.

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