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Navigating the world of infertility can make many of us feel isolated, scared, angry or confused. The infertility support group will come together to support, listen and connect. This group is open to everyone no matter where they are in their own journey. All are encouraged to join regardless of sexual orientation, single or coupled. We will all come together to explore and work through the challenges of infertility together.
The goal of this group is to create a community of support and sense of belonging during a time where you may feel lost and alone. We will navigate this journey together and find strength in not trying to tell each other what to do or feel, but to allow ourselves a place to connect and explore how we feel.
Safiya Coles
Facilitator: Safiya Coles LCSW
Dates: Every Tuesday starting July 27th, 2021
Location: Zoom

Group photo by Hannah Busing

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