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Mia Tootill


Mia Tootill is a licensed social worker and certified mindfulness teacher with a warm and compassionate presence who believes strongly in the power of therapy to increase connection and facilitate lasting growth and change. Mia obtained her Master of Social Work degree from New York University and her 200-hour mindfulness teacher certification from The Interdependence Project, where she also taught classes. Prior to a career switch to psychotherapy, Mia was a professional musician and then worked in Higher Education for over a decade, including teaching and obtaining a Ph.D. in Musicology at Cornell University.

Mia works with clients across the lifespan, from adolescents through adults, with a particular focus on emerging adulthood. She draws upon her insights from working at a variety of institutions to offer tailored off-campus services to students, whether they need help managing mental health challenges while in college, assistance preparing to return after a leave-of-absence, support transitioning into the workforce post-graduation, or aid with the diverse challenges graduate students encounter. Mia has also worked with high school students and their families on preparing for the transition to college. Most recently, she ran a DBT-informed group for rising college freshmen at the Larchmont Mamaroneck Community Counseling Center—a nonprofit in Westchester where she is based when not at R&A.

Mia has a creative approach and believes in helping her clients figure out what works for them, particularly when it comes to integrating mindfulness into psychotherapy (no one-size-fits-all!) Using compassion practices as a cornerstone, she draws upon her training in interpersonal mindfulness practices to help clients bring these practices to all areas of their lives, and is dedicated to making her work trauma-sensitive. She is also a certified Safe & Sound Protocol provider and integrates polyvagal theory-informed interventions, when appropriate, to help clients develop self- and co-regulation skills. In addition to her individual work, Mia has offered workshops on these topics and on mindful use of social media and technology. Stay tuned for future offerings at R&A!

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