Hamburger with a knife in it

December 2017 Newsletter

Dear R&A Community,

This is a long awaited, heartfelt and significant THANK YOU to all of our clients and colleagues who have braved the unfinished staircase while under construction, waited out in the rain and snow for the elevator at 87 Spring Street, and put up with the jack hammers of the demolition crews in the floors below. The R&A Family thank youfor your remarkable patience and connection to us while our building at 530 Broadway has been undergoing its rather unfortunate metamorphosis.

We finally have some long awaited and exciting news that we will be moving to 79 Walker Street on the 2nd floor sometime in early Spring 2018. We will of course keep you posted when a more definitive move date becomes imminent, but we wanted to include all of you in our eager anticipation of our new home where we truly hope to elevate our care of you and your families.  For those of you who like to plan, the our new home is close to most major subway lines, including the 1 train at Franklin Street (7 min), A, C, E trains at Canal Street (4 mins), N, R, Q, W at Canal St (3 mins), 6 train at Canal St (2 min)  J, Z train on Bowery (12 min), and B, D train at Grand St (12 min).

Meet our downstairs neighbor, the infamous burger at Brandon Sodikoff’s Au Cheval New York City edition opening on the ground floor of 79 Walker Street in Summer 2018. 

The foodies amongst us are also quite curious to meet our new neighbors who will be occupying the ground floor of 79 Walker, the NYC edition of Brandon Sodikoff’s beloved Chicago flagship restaurant, Au Cheval, which according to my sources has one of the most ridiculous and beloved burgers on the planet. For the caffeine fiends among us, Au Cheval will also have a cafe in the front of the restaurant for coffee, espresso and matcha teas.

In the meantime, wishing our community peace and fellowship during this holiday season.

Onwards, upwards and southbound!

Courtney Rennicke, Ph.D.

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