We assist couples to rebuild connection, revive healthy communication, and reaffirm the central vitality and aliveness of the relationship.
In addressing despair, mistrust, and loneliness in the presence of the other, and patterns of conflict within the structure of the relationship, our goal is to facilitate emotional healing, deepen intimate connection, and reignite love and desire. Whether you are seeking to reenergize the relationship, alter harmful and ineffective ways of relating, or de-couple with dignity and respect, our relationship counselors are committed to holding and nurturing each individual through an experiential process toward a deeper knowing of the other.

Experts in proven attachment and emotion based therapies, we create with our clients a safe therapeutic environment where the web of emotion that forms the relational person can be explored and rewoven into a positive connected experience and mutual growth toward togetherness.
Life Stressors
We offer couples treatment for adults experiencing a range of difficulties within the realm of the relationship. Some of these difficulties are detailed below:

–    Divorce

–    Alternative Family Planning

–    Uncoupling

–    Fertility Issues

–    High conflict

–    Intimacy

–    Sexual Issues

–    Blended families

–    Pre-partnership issues

–    Deepening connection

–    Post divorce

–    Co-parenting

AEDP Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) for Couples

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy works from the very human idea that some feelings and difficult experiences are just too overwhelming to address on your own.
While in treatment, couples will learn methods for creating safety and treating the underlying attachment level trauma that underlies marital distress and disconnection.

AEDP relies on the healing power inherent in supportive, caring relationships to metabolize painful feelings, losses and traumas by safely exploring and experiencing emotions at a bodily level in transformative ways. It works towards a deeper understanding of the self, and how parts of the self become challenged, as well as nourished, while in relationships.

According to AEDP, people are wired for growth and positive change, which can happen more readily when they can not only understand and describe their problems and strengths (left brain), but also can deeply experience the painful and positive aspects of their lives and relationships in new ways (right brain). In short, AEDP is like having a guide working with you and your partner in the present moment to help you feel and deal with uncomfortable or painful feelings, moving you and your partner towards feelings you hoped you could have together, to feel like yourselves within the partnership again.

Couple in Systems Therapy

Systems Therapy

If you are looking to create a new way of interacting with your partner, to discover hidden strengths to deal with challenges together, and to improve communication, then you might be interested in learning more about Structural Family Systems Therapy…
Commonly applied to couples, structural family therapy works to improve communication and joint functioning by addressing the system of the relationship that is co-created between two people. In a systems approach, the relationship itself between the couple is considered the target of the treatment, rather than each separate individual. The structural family therapist aims to help the couple figure out what prevents them from being the problem solvers of the relationship together, and scaffolds the couple to co-author a new way of working together. Family systems therapy works to identify and uncover the interactions in a relationship that are not working for the couple and also point out and highlight the positive patterns of interaction to grow between the couple. This is ultimately a strengths-based therapy taking the approach that the couple has the resources they need to succeed, and the therapist is there to help them expand their current way of functioning so that these strengths can emerge, even through serious conflict and difficult challenges.
Couple in Emotions Focused Therapy

Emotions Focused Therapy (EFT)

Emotionally focused therapy is based on the scientific study of love and bonding processes in relationships and is designed to address distress inciting conflict and disconnection within the couple.
Strategies from emotionally focused therapy are used to help the couple reconnect and improve emotional attachment. The intervention is based in the concept that people are made healthier by emotional contact and need to feel safe in order to express their feelings. Suffering in intimate relationships is often related to deep rooted fears of the past that may be harmful to or put strain on the relationship in the present. Partners then become trapped in negative interactive patterns aimed to get one another to understand their emotional needs. Through emotion focused therapy, the couple will learn ways to deescalate conflict, express deeper feelings instigating disconnection, and form closer bonds in order to reliably engage in positive patterns of interaction.

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