Group Therapy

The power of groups is the gentle, yet profound surprise that the compassion and clear-eyed reflection that we give to others steadily starts to seep into our experience of ourselves, smashing shame and our sense of aloneness in the process.

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In our experience, there is tremendous value in hearing others' stories, struggles, and quite frankly the funny and at times insignificant seeming things that gets us all through difficult experiences. The community created in groups calls our compassion, protectiveness and righteous indignation to action in a way that is sometimes less accessible than in one on one conversations. As trust grows within a group, the dismantling of the isolation, shame and fear born in from our hardest times is gradually overcome with knowing nods, eyes that have seen and the tenderness of a knowing smile.

Shared Grief Group - Because nobody should have to grieve alone.

Shared Grief provides a space for men and women in their 20s to 40s to connect over their experience of loss of a parent, sibling, or partner.
The group runs in 10-12 session cycles, and focuses on supporting members adaptation to loss through three pillars:
Normalization and acceptance of grief-related emotions
Maintaining connection to the person who has died
Restorative processing of members individual goals and aspirations

Group Details

   March 2021 - July 2021

location   6:00 PM

location   Online - Zoom

   $75 per session

Dan Wolfson Psy.D.  has been providing support to grieving children and adults for the past ten years. He has received advanced training at Columbia University's Center for Complicated Grief, is the clinical director of Experience Camps for Grieving Children, and is an advisor and contributing author to the website Modern Loss.



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