Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Our online therapy (teletherapy) includes individual online psychotherapy, online group therapy, online parent consultations for children, teens, and adoptive family therapy


Our online therapy team aims to bolster your resiliency so you can shed the old stories and all too familiar inner critic that creates unnecessary stress, anxiety, inertia, and despair to allow you the space for new practices of healing and growth to emerge.

Our video psychotherapy sessions deliver the same value and quality experience you’d expect from a quintessential in-person New York City therapy session.

What is teletherapy and telepsychotherapy?

Teletherapy is commonly referred to as online therapy, e-therapy, video therapy, or e-counseling. It basically means that instead of meeting in person, your therapist sends you a link to meet via video on your computer, tablet, or phone to provide psychological treatment and support.

The adoption of video-based mental health services has grown dramatically as a result of the global pandemic, enabling us to deliver treatment remotely. You can expect your insurance company to reimburse you for online treatment with us at the same rate as in-person services at their out-of-network rate.

Rennicke & Associates supports secure, HIPAA compliant, two-way digital conferencing. While we are opening up our Tribeca office for in-person treatment, we will continue to offer online therapy for those who prefer its convenience and safety.

The treatment and support that you will experience through teletherapy and telepsychotherapy will be similar to an in-person session, but with the ease and convenience of the location you feel most comfortable.

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How does it work?

Our intake process for online sessions is the same as making an in-person appointment.
  • Call 212-337-3565 or email to tell our Intake Coordinator a little bit about you and your concerns.
  • Review the profiles of our staff on our website by clicking here to help you decide who might be a good fit. Let us know if you have an idea about who could help.
  • Schedule a consultation call to ensure the chemistry is right for you (optional).
Find a time that works for you and our Intake Coordinator will send your secure link to your first teletherapy meeting.

The Benefits

Breathe with us. Don’t put your emotional wellness on hold until things are back to “normal”. Therapy nurtures and can give you the boost needed for reorientation and transition out of quarantine.

Is it right for me?

All you need to start is a reliable internet connection and a private space to speak to your therapist (bathrooms work just fine!).

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