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Randy Maldonado, LCSW


Randy Maldonado, LCSW, is a bilingual licensed clinical social worker who has dedicated the past seven years in providing therapy to a wide spectrum of racial, ethnic, cultural, and neurodiverse, children, youth, adults, and families in New York City. Randy incorporates a mosaic of interventions rooted in racially conscious, intersectionality, and liberation centered therapy. Through the co-creation of safety and a relational lens, he uses his experience to support work towards healing and resilience.

Randy’s clinical skills were honed and truly flourished during his time as an Adolescent and Family Therapist and Clinical Supervisor at Esperanza. Esperanza is an alternative to incarceration program that provides individual and family therapy to children, adolescents, and families within the five boroughs. In his time with Esperanza, Randy engaged and developed his skills in providing trauma informed, racially and culturally competent therapy, incorporating an eclectic toolbox of therapeutic models that aligned with the needs of the youth and families he worked with. Integrating his personal experiences, storytelling, and anti-oppressive and liberation centered perspectives; Randy worked heavily at addressing both individual struggles and macro issues impacting families, simultaneously. His passion towards addressing socio-cultural inequities, that amplify and at times are the catalyst of mental health concerns, has led him to consult with New York City non-profits, like the Institute for Justice and Opportunity at John Jay College, in areas of racial equity, boundary setting, and capacity building. Randy has maintained his connection with community work by engaging in both on the ground and digital community organizing addressing inequities in the New York City educational system through Organizing for Equity New York (OFENY).

Randy is passionate about helping children, teens, adults, and families heal, develop and strengthen their resilience, and in resisting oppression towards equitable change. In the clinical space and out, he offers a transparent and humanistic approach towards mental health that weaves in somatic and body-based informed interventions, intersectionality, social justice work, trauma care, and pragmatic steps, so that participants/clients find the purpose and change they would like in their life.

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Gregory Gentile, Psy.D.

Gregory Gentile, Psy.D. is a clinical psychologist who emphasizes genuine connections with his clients. He has trained in a variety of settings including schools, a university-based clinic, and both inpatient and outpatient hospital clinics. Dr. Gentile has worked with culturally and diagnostically diverse clients across the lifespan. Regardless of what age group he is working with, he strongly believes that growth and exploration is an essential experience at all stages of life.

Throughout his training, Dr. Gentile recognized the importance of building strong connections with his clients using a foundation of warmth, validation, and authenticity. At Kings County Hospital and Mount Sinai Morningside, he worked with children and adolescents along with their families to foster communication, identity formation, and navigate challenging feelings and behaviors. At the McShane Center for Psychological Services, Dr. Gentile provided a safe space for young adults to manage stressors associated with their relationships and careers, help them understand their emotions, and acknowledge their self-worth.

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Gentile works from a relational framework integrating cognitive and behavioral skills to provide a multidimensional intervention that best fits the needs of the client. He is committed to offering compassion, sincerity, and overwhelming support for his clients.

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Tommie S. Raskin, Ph.D., LCSW

Dr. Tommie S. Raskin is a clinical psychologist and licensed clinical social worker committed to working from a person-centered framework. Through warmth, humor, genuine curiosity, and deep empathy, she establishes meaningful therapeutic connections with individuals and families. Dr. Raskin’s ultimate goal is to provide clients the space, compassion, and acceptance we all need and deserve so that they can achieve their goals and experience renewed faith in themselves and others.

In her near decade of clinical practice, Dr. Raskin has had extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and adults from diverse backgrounds and with various diagnostic presentations, including those coping with trauma, loss, anxiety, mood disorders, interpersonal challenges, and self-harming and/or destructive behaviors. She has worked in a variety of settings including hospital-based school programs, child and adolescent psychiatric inpatient units, psychiatric emergency rooms, and a number of outpatient clinics. In addition, Dr. Raskin has been trained in a range of evidence-based treatments, including trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy, and attachment-focused family therapy methodologies.


Dr. Raskin has a particular passion for working with children and adolescents on their paths to self-discovery. She believes in incorporating creativity and play to support young people in expressing themselves and connecting with their own unique strengths. She also works closely with caregivers to ensure that the progress made extends beyond the therapy hour into the clients’ homes, schools, and communities.

As a clinician, Dr. Raskin takes an integrative relational approach. With authentic therapeutic bonds as the foundation, she supports her clients in gaining concrete skills and tools to effectively cope with life’s challenges. Her patients feel truly known and appreciated and are empowered to view themselves with compassion on their journeys towards growth and healing.  

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