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Coronavirus Resources & Office Updates

Dear R&A Community,

We are all in this moment together, trying to work with the limitations and expanse of our own humanity to ride the waves of fear, boredom, curiosity, frustration, revelation, grief and gratitude.

What unites us is our need for connection to make sense, blow off steam, cuddle close, laugh loud and buffer the experiences of groundlessness.

What disconnects us is oppression, scarcity, and barriers to accessing care.

We here at R&A are in the mess of things too and want to put our collective hearts together – Courtney – Anisha – Dan – Roxy – Deborah – Caitlen – Mia – Leah – Beth – Rachel – Lia – Brad – Carolyn – Michelle – Gaya – to try in our small way to create a bigger node of connection and support with all of you.

Our team has created and collected resources for online support groups [CLICK HERE] to receive and give emotional nourishment and wisdom, remind vulnerable people that there are people listening if they are not safe, and to collect funds to help feed our neighbors and friends in NYC [CLICK HERE TO DONATE].

In order to increase the places to connect and chat with you during this time, we have created an Instagram account @RennickeAssociates. Follow us if that suits you, for unobtrusive and authentic updates on how we are really feeling and thinking about this crisis, today.

I know for myself and my team the shift to seeing you all through our computer screens has been an adjustment. We miss the in person rituals of coats, bags, waters and coffees as we settle in, but seeing your faces and experiencing the depth of our connections with all of you has been incredibly grounding and moving to us. Thank you for continuing to show up and do this work with us.

With a full and bursting heart for my beloved city,

Courtney Rennicke, Ph.D.

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