Summer 2019 Newsletter

Hi all,

I hope this newsletter finds you all with at least a moment or two more to look out and catch the streaks of sunlight in the leaves, marvel at the variations of the blue above, or gaze at the sparks of light on whatever lake, ocean, or river might be nearby – and perhaps if you squint hard enough here in New York you’ll see Greta Thunberg storming across the Atlantic on the zero-carbon emission sailboat, the Maliza II, en route to the U.N. Climate Action Summit.  God speed Greta!

I’ve been thinking about the ideal of summer and having no plans, no goals, and just being. I know for myself, and many of you, summers do not always quite turn out that way, so perhaps this newsletter can prompt an informal pact between us all to endeavor to do less and reset our summer tempos to a slower speed.

This summer Rennicke & Associates has been exceptionally fortunate to be fortified and enlivened by the addition of new clinical and administrative staff members, Gaya Kodiylam, LMSW, MPHDeborah Apau, and Roxsian Sharpe. If you are interested in joining the Rennicke & Associates team, please check out our new Career website page and clinical, training and administrative opportunities, by clicking HERE.

Looking ahead to September, Dan Wolfson, Psy.D. will be continuing his group for adults processing major losses in their life in his Shared Grief Group.  Adult adoptees will find common ground and fellowship together Monday evenings within Elizabeth Studwell, Psy.D.’s Adoptees Joining Together Group.  Bob Bamman, LCSW will be highlighting how using playfulness, acceptance, curiosity, and empathy (P.A.C.E.) can transform adoptive parents relationships with their child in his Parenting with P.A.C.E. Group that is reforming in October.

For professionals, I will be leading a 4-day training at NewBridge Services in Parsippy, NJ in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Level 1 Training this December and January.

I can’t wait to reconnect with you all in the fall.

Until then, here’s to some summer floating, daydreaming and doing nothing in particular…


Courtney Rennicke, Ph.D.

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