Our mission.

To offer personalized, pragmatic and progressive therapies that help patients’ deal with the darkest of moments and elevate their best selves.
Our Mission
Our Mission explained
To create a safe environment where accessible, multi-disciplinary therapists help clients cope with internal chaos and confront the pressures of everyday life and work.
Together, we repair the damage of debris strewn relationships, to carve paths through trauma, to move towards meaningful and lasting transformation and healing.
repair the damage
elevating patients to a better place
“ Whatever end of the mental health spectrum our patients sit we offer insightful, nurturing yet challenging therapy to meaningfully elevate our our patients to a better place. Wellness takes work.”
Welcome to the Rennicke & Associates Family

Our Services

Our service includes individual, couple and family treatments for a range of mental health concerns and life stressors.

We offer a continuum of services throughout the adoption process to support your family’s growth.
Our teletherapy includes individual online psychotherapy, online group therapy, online parent consultations for children, teens, and adoptive family therapy.
We offer individual treatment for adults experiencing a range of mental health concerns and life stressors.
We offer individual treatment and parent-child (dyadic) treatment for children and adolescents, as well as individual parent consultation meetings for a range of mental health concerns and life stressors.
We assist couples to rebuild connection, revive healthy communication, and reaffirm the central vitality and aliveness of the relationship.
Family Intensive Program for Adoptive Families is an intensive multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis, assessment and treatment of adopted children and their families.
The power of groups is the gentle, yet profound surprise that the compassion and clear-eyed reflection that we give to others steadily starts to seep into our experience of ourselves, smashing shame and our sense of aloneness in the process.


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