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Spring 2019 Newsletter

Spring 2019 Newsletter

You might be noticing that our Connect Newsletter has gotten a graceful facelift courtesy of our incredibly patient and supportive website developers Fabrica Collective. This month Fabrica has helped us cultivate some new online spaces for the increasing number of Groups and Events being offered at Rennicke & Associates. There are several groups currently in the process of forming so we hope you allow your curiosity to lead you to these links and maybe into something new.

Dan Wolfson, Psy.D. will be revamping and expanding his group for adults processing major losses in their life this spring in his Shared Grief Group. Adult adoptees can now find common ground and fellowship together within Elizabeth Studwell, Psy.D.’s Adoptees Joining Together Group. Bob Bamman, LCSW will be highlighting how using playfulness, acceptance, curiosity, and empathy (P.A.C.E.) can transform adoptive parents relationships with their child in his Parenting with P.A.C.E. Group that is reforming this fall.

Rennicke & Associates will also be holding more special events in the coming months. By the time you receive this newsletter, Lia Avellino, LMSW will have completed the inaugural Womyn & Series, titled Womyn & Desire: Why and What We Want and facilitated a diverse group of womyn to explore with depth, heart and candor their relationships to their own desire. Lia will be planning more Womyn & Series workshops starting in the fall, so stay tuned! Last but not least, Leah Crane, Psy.D. and I will host the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Spring 2019 Study Day in May to gather together with other attachment focused family therapists and support our learning and growth as a community over some coffee and treats.

Hope you all get a chance to check out our new offerings. We sincerely hope they continue to provide some new avenues for exploration, support and connection in your lives.

In gratitude and curiosity,

Courtney Rennicke, Ph.D.

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